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China is one of countries covering biggest area in the world, naturally endowed with amazing landscape and long-lasting history. Let's join our journey to Chengdu, Maoxian, Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou to discover the nature, country and people of this world's most populous land! The first day is free and easy for you to have a good rest at Chengdu after a long flight. We move to Maoxian on the second day to visit Baishi Qiang Village and Mutuo Village. Baishi Qiang Village, as one of the famous Qiang villages in Sichuan Province, has attracted a lot of tourists by its thick and sacred Qiang cultures and folk customs. You will see girls dressing beautiful and colorful Qiang costumes and hairdressings walking through the streets. Also, do not miss those exquisite embroiders handmade by Qiang people. Leaving Maoxian for Huanglong scenic spot, you have chance to admire a comprehensive natural landform and famous scenery, synthesizing large-scale open-air karst and calcification landscape, natural scenery in plateau and ethnic customs. Go on an eco-tour to Jiuzhaigou and find out many green lakes, spectacular waterfalls and valleys here, before returning to Chengdu and taking the chance to see pandas in Giant Panda Base. 6 days for true experience about Chinese people and nature!

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