Peaceful Pho Bang Town Ha Giang Rock Plateau

Peaceful Pho Bang Town Ha Giang Rock Plateau

Ha Giang impresses visitors with its high plateau, steep hills, winding roads and ethnic diversity. In Dong Van district of Ha Giang province, there is a place of serenity where man is delicately balanced with nature. That is Pho Bang township.

To get into the town, visitors have to travel nearly 5km more from the Dong Van Karst Plateau to the Vietnam-China border, where there are only rugger rock mountains rising up to the deep blue sky.

Pho Bang township

As a remote and isolated place, Pho Bang town is less well-known than other sites in the land of Ha Giang. The town is located deep in a valley in the rock plateau, where it is surrounded by rock mountains.

The small town of Pho Bang has only a dozen houses, which are scattered on the main road and a few small branches. Going along the main road, you will see the trinh tuong houses of H'Mong and Chinese people, which are dyed by the color of time. These clay-made houses are over 100 years old, with old wooden doors and old parallel sentences in Chinese scripts, brown moss wall, yin-yang roof tiles. The simply life goes smoothly each day.

where sleep in Pho Bang town

In Pho Bang, time passes slowly just like that. The quiet and silent life keeps continuing in this mountainous town. The whole town just awakes on the market day, when people bring all kinds of goods to the market.

The Pho Bang market is very close to the main road. It opens each six day and is one of the four unique fairs of Ha Giang. On market day, people from the neighboring areas bring everything they have to the market. The market is very crowded and busy in the morning and gradually becomes quiet at noon, leaving a quiet Pho Bang town as usual.

Market in Pho Ban Town

The road runs from mountains to mountains, the sun keeps dancing on the sky halfway and the deep valley is deserted until Pho Bang suddenly appears in a valley of roses.

child in ha giang

Today Pho Bang has an inn named "Hoa Hong" (Rose) for tourists who want to enjoy the quiet atmosphere of Pho Bang. There are only several restaurants in the town so if you arrive at Pho Bang in the afternoon, you should visit a restaurant immediately. You are advised to get up early for a walk in town in the early morning to feel better about the small, quiet town, a beautiful rose amid the rock plateau of Ha Giang.

town in ha giang

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