Hue Citadel

Another World Heritage Site in Vietnam

Guided tour in Hue Citadel,  Vietnam

Nestling on the northern bank of the romantic Perfume River, Hue Citadel was the capital of Southern Vietnam under Nguyen Dynasty and the national capital in Tay Son Dynasty, King Quang Trung. The citadel is a magnificent system of three circles of ramparts, namely Capital Citadel, Royal Citadel and Forbidden Citadel. The complex has been officially recognized by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Hue Capital Citadel (Kinh Thanh Hue)

Hue Capital Citadel was started building in 1805 in the reign of Emperor Gia Long and completed in 1832. This citadel is a great work of architecture with 10 km in circumference, 6 m high, 21 m thick and 10 entrances. There is an additional gate connecting the citadel and Tran Binh Bastion called Thai Binh Mon. On the top of the surrounding walls, 24 bastions were set up for defensive purpose. Capital Citadel is still original with nearly 140 small and large constructions.

Royal Citadel (Hoang Thanh)

Royal Citadel is home to highest offices of Viet Nam's feudalism and sanctums for worshiping deceased Emperors. The Imperial City itself found its home in this citadel. Royal Citadel is nearly square, with more than 600m long for each side, constructed of brick walls of 4m high, 1m thick, marking an excellent piece of Vietnamese architecture. The Imperial City can be accessed by four entrance gates. Moreover, Royal Palace consists of over 100 beautiful monuments divided in many sectors.

Forbidden Citadel (Tu Cam Thanh)

Lying inside the Imperial City, behind the Throne Palace, the Forbidden Purple City was where the Emperor and his family lived. This citadel was built early in 1804 with brick walls of 3.72m high, 0.72 m thick, about 1,230 m in circumference. There are 50 architectural constructions of different sizes and 7 gates for entrance and exit.

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