Golf Courses in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Golf Courses in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

If you're a businessman looking for a chance to experience playing Golf combines tourism, exchanges, play golf to create a playground, the connection between businessmen, opening up opportunities for cooperation and development in international integration stage, the tour organizer Golf - APT Travel - is your top choice.

There's nothing to choose vacation with family and partners combine golfing in Vietnam or in new areas such as Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia…. Trip will bring you not only experience on the challenging golf courses, charming but also help you discover the uniqueness of the history and culture along with system restaurants, hotels, top clubs great ... in every country.

Golf tours in Vietnam

At APT Travel, we look forward to that, every trip far from home to play golf, whether domestic or foreign, are unforgettable experiences. Your golf tours are designed and organized with careful choice of golf courses, routes to where to eat and rest to recharge in order to conquer the challenging golf holes next. High-quality services in line with the desire and budget of golfer.

Customers can use these programs is available on our tours or let us know your requirements. With our experience, we will advise, design golf tour in line with the minimum requirements for each schedule, location, and service ... the best cost.

Golf tour in Vietnam:

Daily tour

  • Tour "Challenging the Dai Lai golf course" (4D): 5.990.000đ/pax
  • Tour "Challenging the Chi Linh golf course" (4D): 6.700.000đ/pax
  • Tour "Challenging the Long Bien golf course" (1D): 2.290.000đ/pax
  • Golf Tour in the North (3D): 6.970.000đ/pax
  • Golf Tour in the centre (3D): 7.990.000đ/pax
  • Golf Tour In the South (3D): 9.560.000đ/pax

Golf tour in Cambodia:

  • Tour Golf Cambodia (4D): 14.590.000đ/pax
  • Tour Golf Cambodia (5D): 16.670.000đ/pax

Tour Golf in Laos:

  • Tour Golf Laos (3D): 9.250.000đ/pax
  • Tour Golf Laos (4D): 13.450.000đ/pax

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