Cat Ba Island

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Cat Ba Island

Situated in Ha Long Bay, one of the world’s new seven wonders, Cat Ba island is a tourist spot, attractive for its natural beauty and wonders endowed by nature. It is the largest of 366 islands in the Cat Ba Archipelago, and has a surface area of about 140 square km. In April 2005, Cat Ba was officially recognized as Cat Ba Archipelago Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The immense limestone forests, marvelous grottoes, white sandy, clear water beaches and coral reefs on Cat Ba Island will certainly amaze all visitors. The island also has a large collection of marine creatures in fishing grounds such as shrimp, red snapper, anchovy trap fish and a grass cover to breed tortoise shells. In Cat Ba, 1st April is the day of launching tourism festival annually. At the festival visitors will enjoy an imperial boat race on the sea, water skiing and coracle boat races on the sea.

APT Travel has owned the fleet of traditional junks Halong Dragon Cruises that sail the turquoise waters of Halong Bay. Tours of 3 days on Dragon Cruise Deluxe or Superior Dragon Cruise are ideal to visit also the Island of Cat Ba.

What to do in Cat Ba Island

  • Hiking in the National Park
  • Kayaking
  • Community home-stays.
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Cave exploration
  • Finest sea food in the north
  • Beaches and swimming
  • Cultural discovery
  • Motorbike tours
  • Rock climbing tours.



  • Viet Hai village
  • Lan Ha Bay - Monkey Island
  • Cat Co Beach
  • Cat Ba National Park
  • Tortoise Island
  • Van Boi Beach


Cat Ba has many famous delicacies made from seafood such as lobster, snapper, grouper, sea bean sprouts, snout otter clam…


There are two ways to get to Cat Ba, either by boat from Ha Long Bay or Binh Bridge in Hai Phong, or by bus from Hai Phong and then take the ferry. Ferry is not recommended as it’s slow with low frequency and it’s really time-consuming to wait for it. From Hai Phong you need to take the boat from Binh harbor to go to Cat Ba, the express boat takes around 30 min to get there.

Travel tips

Summer is peak time for tourism to Cat Ba. In Vietnam, hot weather is between April and November, so you should come here from April to August. However going to Cat Ba during September to November you could enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that is somewhat relaxing also. If you go there during winter i.e. from December to March, it is quite cold and not advisable to swim.

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