Bac Ninh, the Ancestral Land of Vietnam Buddhism

APT Travel joins hands to improve Bac Ninh tourism

Bac Ninh, the Ancestral Land of Vietnam Buddhism

Bac Ninh, also known as Kinh Bac region, is considered the most sacred ancient land in Vietnam, the ancestral land of Vietnam Buddhism, the homeland of Ly Dynasty and also  the main town in the north of former Thang Long, Hanoi. Talking about Bac Ninh, people often think about its famous ancient temples such as Dau Pagoda, But Thap Pagoda, Phat Tich Pagoda and Kinh Duong Vuong Temple. Located in the Red River Delta of the northern part of the country, the province's name derives from Sino-Vietnamese "northern serenity". Bac Ninh is rich in culture and is known nationally for Quan họ folk music. Quan ho was recognised as the Intangible Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO in 2009.

In order to exploit  efficiently the province's tourism potential, especially to develop pilgrimage tours to Bac Ninh, APT Travel has met with the People's Committee of Thuan Thanh District to discuss building and promoting local tourism products. In the meeting, General Director Nguyen Hong Dai, whose hometown is Bac Ninh, emphasized "Bac Ninh is a land rich in culture and history. The area has been an inspiration of many songs and poems. As the son of Kinh Bac area, I desire to introduce my hometown's beauty to both Vietnam and foreign tourists, to contribute to the development of Bac Ninh tourism and to improve the locals' lives".

Bac Ninh is hometown of not only Kinh Dương Vương – the very first king of ancient Viet ethic but also eight Kings of Lý Dynasty. We can found many historical and cultural relics such as  Đô Temple (where 8 kings of Lý Dynasty are worshipped), Dâu Pagoda, the first pagoda in Vietnamese history, Bút Tháp Pagoda (an ancient pagoda), Phật Tích Pagoda, Dâu Pagoda and local Literature Temple. Thousands of local festivals, from small to large, having special meanings such as Dâu Pagoda festival, Lim festival, Đô Temple festival and Bà Chúa Kho temple festival.

The village of Dong Ho in Bac Ninh is known as a center of production of traditional Vietnamese woodblock prints (Dông Ho painting), which are sold all throughout Vietnam in time for the Lunar New Year (Tet) celebrations.


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